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Thanks for WBS of TV Tokyo!!

"The eco-cap" was introduced in Japanese TV program "TORE-TAMA".
Let me express my heartfelt appreciation to all of the staff of TV Tokyo.

> Ultimate eco-cap!! by TV Tokyo WBS "TORE-TAMA"

Current Situation of Ecological Activities

In Japan, approximately 25 billion plastic bottles are produced annually. As an ecological activity, caps and bottles are separated for recycling when being discarded. However, a percentage of recycled bottles is 37%, which falls far short of one-hundred percent recycling. Bottles and caps are made from different materials. Although bottles and caps are separated, a plastic part of the caps remains on the bottles. In order to recycle, the remained part needs to be completely removed but it requires time and cost. Therefore, plastic bottles are largely discarded. Incineration with other garbage results in releasing carbon dioxide and disposal by landfill contaminates the land which leads to environmental destruction. All efforts of separating bottles and caps for the purpose of recycling come to nothing.

"e-cap" is designed in order to solve such problems.
It is a breakthrough idea which enables complete separation of caps and bottles so that more efficient ecological activities become possible.
Let’s start eco activities with “e-cap” from today!

Ecological Activities Starting from Today

Actions for Eco
Complete separation increases the percentage of recycled bottles and caps.
Carbon dioxide emissions reductions
3,150 g of carbon dioxide is released by incinerating 400 caps. Eliminating this CO2 output contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide.
Bottles and caps can be recycled as valued materials if they are completely separated. Separating them produce assets while not separating them produce waste.

Main Features of “e-cap”

A cap and a ring are integrated.
The ring can be completely eliminated with the cap when removing them from a bottle.
The ring and the cap are attached together to a bottle so that separating from the bottle becomes easier.
When opening a bottle, the cap does not fall apart which makes it easy to carry during driving a car, using public transportation and walking.
The cap is user-friendly especially for small children and elderly people.

Trade name: e-cap (eco-cap)

Patent acquisition country: Japan (Priority country) , Korea, China, the United States, EU
International patent acquisition finished
Patent pending in South America, an Asian major country.

Patent Holder: Syogo Hayashi
Production and Distribution: SANKEI Industrial Co.,Ltd.